Fall Prevention

1 and 3 older people fall at least once per year. Many who fall are seriously injured and end up in hospital or needing care for disabilities. Falls decrease independence of many older people every year. Most Falls can be prevented.

The Richmond Seniors Fall Prevention Network is a group of seniors and representatives from city, health and other community services, organizations and business working together with seniors, their families and the community. They strive to make a difference by promoting healthy active aging, safe homes and a community that makes it easier for seniors to protect their well being.

One successful event made possible by the partnership of the Richmond Fall Prevention Network,  Safe Communities Richmond and Vancouver Coastal Health was the Richmond Seniors’ Fall Prevention Fair. It was held on June 10, 2006 at Richmond City Hall featuring guest speakers, exhibitors and entertainment.

Another project supported by the Richmond Seniors’ Fall Prevention Network is a short film available on DVD called Stay in the Game: Seniors’ Fall Prevention. The film is a great example of an intergenerational project. It features actors from the Minoru Seniors Acting Out Troupe and was filmed and produced by youth from the media program at Hugh Boyd High School in Richmond. 

To join or to get more information about the network, please call 604-233-3150. 

A Report on the Richmond Seniors’ Falls Prevention Fair (June 10, 2006) 

Potential Outdoor Hazard Report

Updated October 27, 2013